Dum Dum Tak

The band began in mid 2007 as a jamming band playing covers of Jellybelly, Stick No Bill and some other poppunk tunes. The line-up was Amert (Stick No Bill), Dave Danker (Skunkfix), and Posi-Punk (Inikah Hidup). One night, Ace (Civil Disorder) joined us jamming and on the last song, we switched positions and played Amert’s “original” song (that later became ‘Suara Kami’). We played it twice and the line-up felt so great that we decided to be a serious band just after that session.

We began playing our first unofficial gig (as opening band) for the gig that we organized ourselves to launch ‘Punkrock Paradox’ CD that our label, Nervhous Records put out on July 2007. After that gig, Amert kinda faded out from the band. We gigged all around Peninsular Malaysia from Penang to Johor Bahru, from small and sweaty practice room gigs to big-stage stadium “concert”. Some other unusual place we played at including at a lecture theatre at a college and also at a shopping complex.

We were lucky to have the chance to play with some touring bands like Straight Answer (from Indonesia) and 97 Shiki (from Chicago). We also had the chance to play in the same gig with some of the bands that we looked up upon for a long time including Carburetor Dung, FSF, Depress, and some new great bands like Lumbrah, Brayok, Always Last, etc.

We also recorded a track ‘Hentikan’ for a compilation under Knot Records called ‘Berikan Cinta Pada Sesama’ on Sept 2007. We’ve been playing the songs on this CD at gigs for more than a year now and glad that they’re finally recorded and released to the masses. We hope you will enjoy listening/reading to them like how we enjoyed writing, playing and recording them.

We release splid CD with Always Last (2012), join compilation Give & Take, Senandung Pawer-kord, Kami Penghasut.

current line-up:
Fael (vox+guitar)
Spanky (drums)
Nizang (bass)

For booking whatsapp : +60179639316

Facebook : Dum Dum Tak / Instagram : dumdumtak_rasmi

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