What is Antifa?

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Recently we were shocked by the actions of an Australian boy who acted to break the egg over the head of Senator Anning, a senator with Neo Nazi ideology, a white supremacist and anti to migrants, blacks, and even anti-religion other than Christians.

This action is referred to as “direct action” by the Antifa group. Antifa mostly consists of anarchist youth groups.

ANTIFA Malaysia group during 2015 in conjunction with Labor day and protests against GST.

Ever been in Australia, Neo Nazi’s group acts surrounded the mosque with firearms. However, the small Antifa group in Australia is fast acting together near the mosque acting democratically protesting the Neo Nazi group who protested with a firearm in front of the mosque. This incident took place in January 2015 and the presence of Senator Anning was also recorded in the Neo Nazi group.

Antifa groups defended Muslim minorities in Australia when they were attacked by the White Supremacist group
Neo Nazi group White Supremacist Australia during a protest in front of the mosque in Australia

Who is Neo Nazi and who is Antifa?

Neo Nazi is a rather large group based on Nazi beliefs and ideologies that dabble as “masters” to an area. In the days of Hitler, The Nazis believe that only his group is true, good and patronized to their homeland. They decided to kill Jews and Muslims throughout their colonies. The Jews were killed most.

Some Islamic groups praised Hitler for killing many Jews, though Muslims were also killed by the Nazis in the days of Hitler.

Antifa is a group that exists and against this Nazi group. They mostly stick to the spirit of anarchism. Antifa not organization. They exist in the spirit of oppression and the growing Nazi culture and growing.

In western countries, Europeans, Antifa groups are big and strong. Accompanied by clever intelligence and various classes including school students, university and labor workers. Antifa does not believe in the limits of state, government and laws that discriminate against or restrict one’s freedom. Many also among the Antifa were among Punk slaves. But not all Antifa are Punk.

The Antifa defended the migrants, including those who fled from Arab countries who migrated to the Scandavinian, European and Western countries.


Blackbloc is a form of action directly by Antifa groups during protests. They break down centers and objects symbolizing “capitalism” such as bank, luxury cars, policemen and fascist politicians and devoted to capitalism.

If we see the ever-occurring blackbloc in Malaysia by the Antifa Malaysia group in 2015, only banks and policemen are targeted. Antifa does not break down buildings and property. If regular cars are parked at the side of the street where the people are bombarded, they do not target the car, otherwise if the Ferrari car they will break, burn and reverse. This is one example. The claim that Antifa likes to attack public property is not true.

Among the objects anarchy / antifa attacked were luxury cars.
PDRM’s bus has been attacked by the Antifa group in 2015
Antifa opposes police oppression. Many police terrorism has been recorded in America such as killing without checking and hitting prisoners when in investigations.
Banks are institutions that are deemed repressive by Antifa.

Black Dress, symbol A and Antifa flag.

Antifa will usually appear with black outfits, masked and carry red black flags. They will defend the small groups targeted by Neo Nazi. In any of the protests organized by Neo Nazi in the West and Europe, the Antifa group will mobilize to break the effort and the zest of Neo Nazi’s.

Antifa is also involved with the war against ISIS. ISIS is actually one of the same groups as Neo Nazi, using Islam as capital claiming only the right ones and justifying those who opposed them to be killed.

Symbol A means Anti-fascist or anarchy. Disagree with racial and supremacist fanatics while black shirts are often worn by Antifa symbolizing equality and solidarity with oppressed groups.

The red and black Antifa flag was introduced during World War II. According to Chicago Anarchist writings, black means “the fearful symbol of hunger, misery and death” while red means the workers. The black and red combinations in the flag are introduced by the anarcho-syndicalist group within
Spanish Civil War in 1936.

Do we know who the antifa is?

We will not know who Antifa members are. They move on consciousness, gather for a spirit, and fight against one goal against all forms of oppression.

Every time there is a conference of powers like G-20 or G-8, a riot will take place and the riots will be carried out by Antifa as a symbol of protest to the rich nations that oppress the ruling class.

Is Antifa evil?

No. Antifa is just messed with the oppressor. You do not need to be afraid if you are not an oppressor. In protests, if you see Antifa groups doing blackbloc, you do not have to worry as they have high awareness not to attack civilians, firefighters or ambulances.

Usually Antifa’s target in protest is the police, government buildings, and commercial centers that have elements of oppression such as banks, companies with record-breaking workers such as H & M, Nestle and Zalora.

Antifa does not like media that prevents them and directs them for display purposes.
They may be recorded but do not like to receive instructions for media publicity purposes.

Credit: revolusihabib.blogspot.com

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